Terms of Services

Terms of Services(TOS) & Terms and conditions :

1-  New stores that do not upload their products  for more than a month may be deactivated.

If your account was deactivated please contact us to resolve the issue.

2- Stores that Joined for free by using an offer that we made have to add their products in the first two weeks. Failing to do so, may lead to inactivating their store.

3- Free account is limited to a certain duration. if exceeded, store owner must update his account to a paid member.

4- Stores that do not sell their own Created/designed product are not allowed to sign up using any of the free offers. Doing so, may lead to being banned on Vendors

5- Stores  that do not serve customers on vendors with their orders will be banned

6-  All purchases made through Vendors are delivered by a third party company that we assign.Unless we agree on something else.

7-  Any refund request must be agreed on by Vendors.

8-   We Only accept stores that sells Physical products. Stores that provide services or food & beverages are not allowed.

9- Products that are not created or designed by the owner must get approval. If Vendors declines a product, The store has no right to upload the product again.

10- All images uploaded must be owned by the Store owner.

11- Vendors do not take any responsibility of any legal issues that occurs regarding you store or your products

12- Vendors collects data and content from the website to provide a better service for the stores and customers

13- We have the right to use images that are uploaded on the website for promotions or stuff that will benefit both us and you the seller

14- Every Business has there own term of service for their products, customers must check with the businesses to see the Terms and conditions.

15- Deposits made for products that are made to order are non refundable.

16- We do not take any responsibilities on any issue between the  customer and their purchases. ( we will try our best to resolve the issue)

17- Business owner is responsible for any complaints made by a customer who ordered from them

18-  We do not give permission to use, save or copy Images and content that were created by Vendors

19- Store owner takes full responsibility of any issue or reports made regarding their store or products

20- If a Business is making the delivery themselves , they may charge additional charges for delivery

21- Bank information may be shared with Delivery company that has the picked cash for COD orders

22- Used products are not currently allowed in Vendors.ae

23- All store owners has to have all legal papers and permits that allows them to sell the products they display on Vendors.ae

24-Store owners must have a Valid Trade License

25- Store owner is Responsible for any Taxes

Note: We will be adding more TOS in the future. You are responsible for any changes we make.